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GX1000: it’s all about the hills…

The skateboarding subculture has recently turned into a sort of international underground, with inclusive values but an exclusive attitude. If you have passion and talent, you’re in; if you were not born with the need to skate, why try to join anyway? Known for their hardcore street footage shot mainly in New York and San Francisco, the GX1000 crew is one of the most popular and seemingly exclusive skate groups that is not sponsored by a large brand name.

Started by Ryan Garshell during his time filming for SLAP magazine, the team produce videos centred around street skating specifically, and travel to various cities where they cover tons of ground, interact with agitated locals and police officers, and of course work to land tricks in the craziest spots they can find. But rather than building up their collective persona through a recognisable, uniform set of tricks or obligatory shots of someone bombing a hill, their popularity comes from the image they tailor through their videos. Even the most underground groups have to forge a brand somehow.

While they create an energy that is never over-hyped, skaters outside the clique have come to see the GX1000 group as something revered, a high-stakes crew who truly understand the “skate or die” mentality of years gone by. They live in a sort of paradox in the skate world, where usually the coolest and most prestigious teams are the hardest to sneak your way into, but in reality, if you show up, skate well, and get along, you’d be surprised as to how fast you can get in.

GX1000 Adrenaline Junkie Full Video In most places, landing your trick means a victory lap, with a high-five or hug from the bros. But not always in San Francisco. Putting four wheels down is just the first step. What comes next is the main event. It's all about the hills...