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Real Skateboards was started in 1991 by Jim T and Tommy G. After 6 years of being on Powell Peralta; Tommy G had a feeling that he would be replaced by the "Next Big Thing" in skateboarding, this feeling was made stronger due to comments from the Powell Team Manager asking him if he "still skated". Tommy G ended up leaving Powell Peralta after a few other riders had left the brand as well; leading to Tommy and Jim T Starting their own brand because they were done with the modern skate companies and constantly skating in demos.

Due to Tommy and Jim being big names in skateboarding; REAL Skateboards was able to get boards into skate shops fairly quickly. REAL's fast growth was assisted largely by their amazing team of up and comers; the original team included Sluggo, Henry Sanchez, Max Schaaf, and of course Jim and Tommy.

The current real teal is stacked, including Dennis Busenitz, Ishod Wair, Chima Ferguson, Kyle Walker, Mason Silva, Jack Olson, Tanner Van Vark, Jake Donnely, Davis Togerson, and Justin Brock.